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D. Ward Insurance Services Inc. Blog: risk mitigation

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  The Facts on Flooded Vehicles is from the National Insurance Crime Bureau: Like other natural disasters, floods can create enormous damage to properties and vehicles. Flood vehicles offer a tempting opportunity for criminals to defraud unsuspecting consumers. READ MORE >>

You may have heard of “phishing” scams carried out against individuals and small businesses, but what exactly is phishing? Phishing "refers to the process where a targeted individual is contacted by email or telephone by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure the indivi... READ MORE >>

On May 12, the WannaCry ransomware attack digitally assaulted over 200,000 Windows computers by encrypting users’ files and demanded up to $600 in Bitcoin to provide the passwords to the encrypted files. Though the main attack has been stymied, the WannaCry program is still lurking and can still attack systems that are not up-to-date with Windows. READ MORE >>

Umbrella Insurance - Extra Protection for You | D. Ward Insurance Services If you need to run some errands in the rain, you’re likely to dress for the occasion with a raincoat, long sleeves, and maybe even galoshes to keep yourself dry. READ MORE >>

With summer just around the corner, many peoples' minds drift towards lazy days sitting by the pool or making a splash off the diving board. This summer dream can quickly turn into a nightmare due to an accidental drowning, and those who operate swimming pools need to make sure they're doing all they can to keep swimmers and poolside loungers safe. READ MORE >>

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