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D.Ward works with multiple insurers to get you a Salon or Barber Shop quote.

D. Ward Insurance underwrites with some of the largest

nationally known insurance carriers: Hartford * Utica

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Policy Coverage For:

-Beauty Salons

-Barber Shops

-Beauty School


   D.Ward works with multiple insurers to get you a Salon or Barber Shop quote. 


  • Beauticians or Barbers Professional Liability - As a beautician or barber, your customers rely on your training, judgement and expertise to safely provide them with the correct services. Barbers and Beauticians Professional Liability will cover you for negligent acts, error or omissions such as incorrectly applying hair dye causing a rash on a customer's scalp.
  • Business Interruption - After a loss, it can take some time to get your business running smooth again. This protection covers loss of income, costs for continued operation and extra expense incurred during the time of rehabilitation.
  • Employment Practice Liability - Covers wrongful employment acts such as discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination. With this coverage, you gain access to a valuable employment practices website, as well as legal advice line, so you can connect with experienced attorneys who are well-versed in federal and state employment law. 
  • Employee Dishonesty - Covers your business for employee theft, of money, securities and other tangible property.
  • Cyber Liability - Protects your business from the risk to your tangible and intangible property.  
  • Key-Person Insurance - A key-person policy is a life insurance policy taken out by a business owner on one of their employees. This is done to protect the business from financial losses that could occur if something were to happen to the employee unexpectedly.  
  • Commercial Umbrella - Protects your assets by providing coverage above and beyond the limits of your other policies. It also provides protection for accidents that may not be covered by your existing insurance policies.  
  • Disability Income Insurance - Provides money to replace earned income while disabled from sickness or an accident.          
Additional Coverages to discuss with us at D. Ward Insurance:

Body Piercing 

Body Wrap

Botox Injections 


Ear Piercing

Electrolysis / Hair Removal


Hair Implants / Transplants / Weavings

Manicures / Nail Sculpturing / Attachments

Permanent Make-up 

Plastic Surgery

Reducing, Slenderizing or Exercising Service

Sensory Deprivation Chamber

Steam Bath

Tanning Beds / Booths

Wart or Mole Removal

Waxing (hot or cold)

Wrinkle Removal

X-Rays or Laser Related Servies


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