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Garage Insurance in Acworth

Working with motor vehicles can be a rewarding and lucrative business venture. However, as you and your employees perform repairs, restorations, maintenance services and other tasks on your clients’ vehicles, you must consider the possibility of something going wrong. Even the most experienced and diligent professionals may make a mistake or experience an accident at their business, and lacking adequate loss control measures could lead to significant financial consequences. Fortunately, garage insurance can help. 

What Does Garage Insurance Cover? 

Garage insurance may not refer to a single type of coverage that is exactly tailored to your business’s needs. After all, there may be many types of businesses that conduct work on vehicles and maintain garages. With this in mind, the ideal makeup of your garage insurance portfolio may vary significantly. Still, the following policies are generally advisable for those in your sector: 

  • Garage keepers liability insurance coverage can provide financial protection following accidents or other incidents that damage a customer’s vehicle while in your business’s care. For applicable businesses, this insurance is often required, including in Georgia. 
  • General liability insurance carriers can help you secure coverage for incidents affecting third parties, such as if a customer is injured while visiting your business. 
  • Business property insurance may financially protect your company’s tangible assets, including its building, equipment, tools and inventory. 
  • Business interruption insurance can help you recoup lost revenue and ongoing expenses if a covered incident delays or disrupts your normal operations. 
  • Errors and omissions insurance can insulate you from losses and legal costs if a client accuses you of providing services that were incorrect, late, negligent or otherwise inadequate. 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance may provide financial assistance to employees who are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness. 
  • Commercial auto insurance can financially protect your business from incidents involving its own vehicles. 
  • Surety bonds may be legally required for auto dealerships to have in some locations. 

Who Needs Garage Insurance? 

As a general rule, any company that takes responsibility for another party’s motor vehicles should highly prioritize an appropriate garage insurance portfolio. This may include, but is not limited to, the following types of businesses: 

  • Auto repair shops 
  • Body shops 
  • Dealerships 
  • Auto service centers 
  • Tow or impound lots 
  • Parking garages and vehicle storage businesses 

In many cases, certain components commonly included in a garage insurance portfolio, such as workers’ compensation insurance and commercial auto liability coverage, are even required by law. As such, failing to secure adequate coverage could lead to fines and other legal penalties. 

How to Get Garage Insurance 

As your business seeks to curb its risks and secure its financial stability, working with a qualified insurance professional should be a top priority. Fortunately, the agents at D. Ward Insurance Services have an extensive history of service dating back to 1988. Our team will draw on this collective knowledge and experience to help you assess your coverage needs, identify available solutions and secure optimal policies. Contact us today to learn more. 

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