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Life & Disability Insurance in Kennesaw & Acworth, Georgia

It can sometimes feel challenging to choose the life or disability insurance policy that’s best for you. As a community-focused, independent agency with more than 30 years of experience, D. Ward Insurance provides an environment of trust and expertise that guarantees every client tailored coverageOur agents know the Georgia life & disability insurance markets inside and out, so we’ll always provide expert guidance that will find you the perfect coverage solutions.


To get your search for coverage started, all you need to do is call D. Ward Insurance today at (770) 974-0670. You can also request your free life or disability policy quote by clicking below:


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Life Insurance


Everyone’s life has value. While you work, you contribute money to your family, livelihood and others. Your death will remove that value, but it won’t eliminate the expenses it helped pay.Therefore, you’ll wantto provide your loved ones with a financial settlement after your death. A quality life insurance policy will make sure your loved ones have such financial assistance available.


Is life insurance a good investment?


Even when you are young and have fewer financial obligations, your death could create a financial strain for those you leave behind. As you get older, make more money, buy more property and start a family, this risk will only become compounded.


By buying life insurance, you can enroll in a death benefit that will pay out upon your death. You will choose a beneficiary who will be the recipient of the death benefit. This might be your spouse, a parent or even a charity. Once the beneficiary receives the death benefit, they can use this money for any number of life expenses such as mortgages, funeral costs, childcare and more.


What are the types of life insurance?


There are two general types of life insurance:


  • Term Life Policies – These policies have set expiration dates and generally last for intervals such as 5, 10 or 20 years. Once your policy expires, you will have to enroll in a new policy to continue to receive coverage. If you die during the policy term, then your coverage will pay.
  • Whole (Permanent) Life Policies – Once you enroll in a whole life policy, you will keep it for the remainder of your life. Your policy will remain active as long as you continue to pay for it. In addition to the death benefit, permanent policies also offer cash value benefits. A portion of your premium is invested by the insurance company and begins to accumulate cash value. During your lifetime, you can draw money from this account as a source of income.

Under the term and whole life policy umbrellas there are many more specific policies which might prove to your benefit. These include universal life, guaranteed enrollment, variable life and group life policies.Our agents can discuss the perks and cost points of each benefit with you.


What does life insurance cost?


Generally, term life policies are more affordable than whole life policies. However, various risk factors such as your age, tobacco use history, pre-existing conditions and financial healthmight increase your premium. The best time to enroll in a policy is while you are young and healthy. That way, you’ll maximize your ability to save on your rates.


Disability Insurance

Sometimes, occupational accidents, chronic illnesses or other injuries might lead to a temporary or permanent disability that dampens your ability to make a living. Even if you don’t qualify for workers’ compensation or other assistance, a personal disability insurance policy will provide significant income protection to help you through these troubling times.


Do I need disability insurance?


If you sustain a disability as a result of an accident, illness or other hazard,then you might not be able to work.Disability insurance is the key to helping you avoid the losses that might accompany a lost paycheck.It can help you replace some of the income lost as a result of your incapacity.


What types of disability policies can I buy?


There are two types of disability insurance:


  • Short-Term Benefits: Your policy generally pays a high percentage of your salary, such as 70%, for a short period of time. The policy will have a set termination date for the benefits.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Long-term disability plans will continue to pay benefits for as long as you have a disability. If this is a permanent disability, then the policy will pay for a certain number of years or until you reach retirement. Usually, this policy pays 40 – 60% of your pre-injury salary.


Certain conditions might impact the benefits your policy provides:


  • Most policies require waiting periods, such as 90 days, before they will pay benefits.
  • Different policies define disabilities differently. Some only pay benefits if you are totally unable to work in your field of expertise.
  • If you can return to work during your recovery, you might qualify for a partial disability benefit.


How much will my disability insurance cost?

Your policy cost will vary based on factors like your age and health, occupation, tobacco use history, the size of the benefits you choose and your income. Our agents can help you compare benefits and enroll in expanded policy options to adequately replace your income for the duration of your disability.

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