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May 31, 2017
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Used Car Dealership and Garage Keeper’s Insurance – What You Need to Know

Used Car Dealership Liability and Garage Keeper’s Insurance for repair shops are two of the many coverages we specialize in at D. Ward Insurance Services.

Every Used Car Dealership is required by law to carry state minimum insurance coverage, so at D. Ward Insurance Services, we offer this basic minimum coverage for the new start-up dealership, and for older and more established dealerships, D. Ward can offer up to $5 million in liability coverage. All dealerships must also obtain a $35,000 Used Car Dealer Bond.

The Used Car Dealer Bond is an agreement between you, the State of Georgia, and the insurance company. The bond is an insurance policy, and annual premiums start at $150.

Garage Keeper’s Insurance is a very important coverage for repair shops which covers customers’ vehicles left at the shop. You’d decide between direct primary and legal liability insurance, which are two very difference types of coverage. Direct primary coverage will pay for losses incurred whether the shop is legally obligated to do so or not, while legal liability only pays when the shop is legally required to pay.

Inventory coverage is very important for dealerships. Inventory coverage provides comprehensive and collision coverage for the dealership’s inventory, such as if someone wrecks one of your cars while on a test drive or a vehicle is stolen from your lot.

D. Ward is a full-service independent Garage Insurance coverage Near Me, which means that our agents shop a network of trusted insurance providers on your behalf to help you select the right Garage Liability policy for a price well within your budget to cover your dealership or repair shop. We underwrite with some of the largest insurance carriers such as: Auto Owners, Utica, Hartford, Progressive, and more. Click the button below and complete the quote request form, and we will contact you the same day.

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