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June 7, 2017
D Ward Insurance

Boat and Motorcycle Insurance – Summertime Peace of Mind

With summer here, many of us will be out on the lake enjoying a boat ride or taking on the open road with a motorcycle. Have D. Ward Insurance Services protect you and your loved ones with an insurance policy designed to cover all that you have worked hard for.

With boat policies, limits of liability are available up to $1 million, then you would want to purchase an umbrella policy from D. Ward Insurance to provide even higher boating liability.

Some of the boatowners extras include:

  • Agreed value loss settlement, meaning the insurance carrier will agree to a value of your boat upfront.
  • Coverage for towing or other emergency services.
  • Coverage for your personal property or personal property of a guest.
  • Coverage for the cost of recovery or destruction of a sunken boat.
  • Coverage of boat related equipment including anchors, oars, fuel tanks, and batteries.

Motorcycle policy limits of liability are available up to $1 million, with higher limits available with a Personal Umbrella Insurance policy from D. Ward Insurance Services. Some highlights that can be purchased with your motorcycle policy include:

  • Total Loss to a New Motorcycle: If you purchased your motorcycle brand new and you have a total covered loss in the first 90 days of buying It, one of D. Ward’s carriers will replace it with a new motorcycle or reimburse you the original purchase price paid.
  • Additional Expense: Reimburses you for necessary expenses incurred as a result of a covered loss. For example, rental of a motorcycle or hotel costs if a loss occurs while away from home.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Protects anyone riding your motorcycle in the event of injury, damage, or death caused by someone who does not have insurance coverage or does not have adequate liability limits.

If you are ready to insure your boat or motorcycle and enjoy a worry-free summer, contact D. Ward Insurance Services to receive a quote today. Call us at 770-947-0670 or click the buttons below to fill out quote request forms. We look forward to doing business with you!

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The information and claim examples given in this material are for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed to modify language of the insurance policy or in any way influence coverage analysis under the policy for any specific claim. The insurance policy contains the specific terms and conditions of coverage and supersedes any information contained in this document. Some of the coverage mentioned in this material may not be applicable in all states or may have to be modified to conform to applicable state law. Some coverages may have been eliminated or modified since the printing of this material.

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