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December 19, 2017
D Ward Insurance

Protect Your Home From Winter Weather

Our local meteorologist is predicting single-digit temperatures in the upcoming weeks. It is important to us that we help keep our customers informed on ways they can protect their homes from the damage that can be caused from extreme winter weather.  

According to “Today’s Homeowner” website, here are a few tips you can follow in order to prevent damage to your house:

“To Prevent Frozen Pipes:

Disconnect and drain garden hoses.

Cover outside faucets with insulating foam covers.

Turn off water to outside faucets, if available, and open valves on faucets to allow them to drain.

Close garage doors.

Drip hot and cold faucets in kitchen and bath. Drip single control faucets with lever set in middle.

Open cabinet doors under sinks.

Don’t forget to check on pipes to your washing machine in the laundry room

After the weather has warmed above freezing and any frozen pipes have thawed, turn off dripping faucets and monitor your water meter to check for unseen leaks.

How to protect Home Exterior:

Clean your gutters and downspouts before cold weather arrives to prevent ice from forming in them.

Drain birdbaths and fountains

Use rock salt, sand, or clay based kitty litter on walks and drives (NOTE: Salt can damage grass and other plants).



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