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August 9, 2022
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6 Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Teaching your teen to drive is preparation for a lifetime of driving. Make the most of this experience. Follow these tips to make your driving instruction proceed more effectively and smoothly:

1. Brush Up on the Rules of the Road 

While you have internalized many of these rules, you may be a bit rusty on others. It will also give you the chance to identify any bad habits you may have acquired.

2. Take Your Teen for a Drive as a Passenger 

Before placing your teen behind the wheel, take them for a few drives and comment out loud about your driving decisions as you make them. He or she should be paying attention to the road situation as well as your responses to them. Drive conservatively as though you are taking a driving test.

3. Find a Safe Parking Lot for Your Teen’s First Driving Experience 

Familiarize your student with the basics of car operation such as starting, stopping and turning in a parking lot. Once this has been mastered, continue your lessons on quiet streets and then slowly progress to busier driving situations.

4. Be Alert to Your Surroundings 

Your teen needs to develop situational awareness of the road and traffic by checking mirrors, as well as keeping an eye on the road ahead. However you should be doing the same because your daughter or son has not yet developed proficiency at this skill.

5. Practice Defensive Driving 

Defensive driving is an important mindset. Therefore you should discuss and practice methods of staying safe while on the road with other drivers.

6. Practice All the Maneuvers on the Driving Test 

Proficiency with these maneuvers is necessary not only to pass the test, but for your teen to drive safely on the road. Make sure to practice other maneuvers needed on the road as well.

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